Cutlass 3

Here’s the third episode of a mini series my friends and I put together. Once again, I’d like to thank Jordan, Deandre and Andre for their help with filming this. It’s great to see us making improvements in the quality of our work. Hopefully it continues to get better over time…



Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM Low Light Test – Canon 600D

I’ve been looking for a wide angle lens to use for some upcoming work, so I tried out the Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM lens at night in my little neighbourhood. The footage came out alright, but I find that my camera is starting to produce a lot more image noise. Even with an ISO of 200. Maybe it’s time for a sensor cleaning?

I ended up using this same lens to shoot scenes for the last two episodes of my mini-series and the footage was awesome. This will definitely be one lens I’ll always carry around with me.

Colour Grading With VSCO Film?

VSCO Film has in my opinion some of the best filters for editing RAW pictures in Adobe Lightroom. Since discovering it I have never looked back. I even have their mobile app so that my iPhone pictures can look like they were taken with a DSLR. I recently stumbled upon some youtube videos of people using these same filters to edit their video footage, so naturally I could not wait to test it out. I still have some tweaking to do, but for the most part I like the looks available to me. One issue I found after using VSCO FIlm to edit video was the noise/grain some filters add to your footage. If you can spend some time tweaking your edit, getting rid of it should be no issue. You’ll thank yourself later too. I’ve included some test shots on old footage I had on my hard drive.


96 Hours in Jamaica

It has been quite busy for me these past few months. I’m still trying to forget about summer and focus my mind on completing work. It’s a tough task but I’m doing alright so far. Last month my brother finally got married to his lovely wife. They had the wedding on the island of Jamaica so I had the opportunity to get out of cold Canada and into a stunning resort. I only spent 4 days in Jamaica, but those 4 days were filled with family, love, dancing, “Screech” and even more dancing. It was an honour to see such a beautiful wedding take place. One day I wish to have something very similar…


I posted some photos from the trip on my photography site

Here’s some footage I managed to shoot before I decided to put the camera down and party:

Setting The ISO

The ISO regulates the brightness of images captured with your camera.  On the Canon T3i, ISO values start at 100 and end at 6400. The higher the ISO number, the brighter your footage will be. In low light settings, you can bump up your ISO to get brighter footage, but you run the risk of your footage coming out grainy. I do my best to never go over 400 ISO when shooting video or taking photographs. The best thing to do if you need brighter footage is to find a location with better lighting, or invest in some lights!

Millenial Studio Promo

University has been kicking my ass this month and I haven’t been able to work on all of the personal projects I have been planning. I somehow found time to shoot a video for a young Canadian entrepreneur by the name of Corey Johnson. The experience was a great one for me as I took away great knowledge from him, and also seeing how he works to achieve success made me want to take my craft a lot more seriously. I will be working more with him on his Passion Project and also on his upcoming documentary and I honestly cannot wait to make an impact on the lives of others.


Checkout the promo video below

FIFA 14 Is Almost Here

Me, like many other football fans across the world, will be putting our lives on hold this month to enjoy the greatest game in the world; FIFA 14. Every year I manage to find myself glued to my tv, trying to bring a title to the Emirates stadium (something I hope happens this year), and this year will be no different. The demo for FIFA 14 drops on Tuesday, which just so happens to be my second day of university. I think we can all agree that one of these things will not be given any attention…